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Global Social Science Review (GSSR) is published by Humanity Publications, a leading publishing house in Pakistan in research and analytics, that assists researchers in advancing research outcomes for societal benefit. GSSR intends to promote qualitative and quantitative researches and findings with the help of newly emerging tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis and surveys by encircling all major segments of Social Sciences and Multi-disciplinary academic and research disciplines. GSSR is a multi-disciplinary, quarterly, double-blind peer-reviewed research journal that encompasses major disciplines of social science, i.e. Government & Politics, Human & Society, Historical & Regional Studies and Education & Mass Studies in general, with a specific interest in the sub-disciplines

GSSR struggles for a future where human development is based on an informed decision-making process. Therefore, the journal challenges the status quo of current academic research that suffers from a disconnect to actual application by finding a solution to the problems confronted by humanity. GSSR intends to become the global leader in introducing innovations where theories connect with the application while maintaining the best features of theoretical and applied aspects.

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